Soldier Valley Spirits originated from a desire to celebrate and honor U.S. veterans, both those in our own families as well as all veterans who have served our great nation. We at Soldier Valley Spirits are thankful for the liberty and freedom we enjoy every day.  Our company follows the core values of faithfamily, and service to country.

Family is the foundation of our business. It not only encompasses the familial ties established through blood and marriage, it also represents supporting each other by working together to create the best products possible. Originally launching as Patriarch Distillers before branding as Soldier Valley Spirits, our name Patriarch embodies the vision of our company’s commitment to family. Patriarch is a term that means head of family. Our company name honors our Midwest parents and grandparents who have always put faith, family, and country before all things.

Jeff Hadden

Founder of Patriarch Distillers/Soldier Valley Spirits


I’m often asked, “What does the 6 stand for?” There is more than one answer to this question. Our vodka is distilled six times for a crisp, clean ultra-pure experience.  Most importantly though, the “6” on every barrel, bottle and wearable is a constant reminder that we here at Patriarch Distillers have each other’s backs! Just like on a clock, the stars represent nine, twelve, three and SIX. This is especially true for our veterans and the nonprofit veterans groups and first responders we support.

Jeff Hadden

Founder / CEO
Jeff is the proud founder and owner of Patriarch Distillers. He has been working in the liquor wholesale industry since 1999. He has always had a palate for whiskey and bourbon and he wanted to learn more about the fermentation and distillation processes that were used to make them. In 2002, Jeff began experimenting with distilling, making his own whiskey and bourbon and storing it away.

It was not until 2011 that Jeff finally brought his dreams to fruition. He came up with the idea of using a canteen bottle, did some research, hired an attorney, and found that both the patent and trademark for the bottle were available. A veteran himself with strong military ties in his family, Jeff felt that the canteen was a natural fit, an iconic symbol that everyone could recognize.

Jeff named his product Soldier Valley after his father’s hometown in Iowa. The brand name serves to bring together both the farming and military histories of his ancestors. Through his business, Jeff enjoys being able to give back to the community and support his fellow veterans and first responders.

David Mark Young

Since early 2019, Dave has been an essential member of the Patriarch team. He spent six years serving in the United States Marine Corps and as a self-proclaimed bourbon enthusiast, has been involved in the spirit industry for the last 10 years. 

Five years ago, Dave researched local historical distilleries and became the owner of the  Golden Sheaf Bourbon Label. It was at this time that he approached Jeff Hadden and they began a collaborative effort to add value to their respective projects.

As president of Patriarch Distillers, Dave manages the business development strategy. He also assists with distillation, focusing on whiskey blending. Through his work at Patriarch, Dave hopes to help grow the Soldier Valley Spirits footprint and its ability to make an impact on the veteran community.

Darrel Myers

Production Supervisor / Distillery Ambassador
Darrel joined the Patriarch team in November of 2017. He spent 21 years serving in both the Air Force and the Air Force Reserve. After retiring from active duty, Darrel supported the Strategic Air Command as a contractor. He became involved with Patriarch after sharing his love of brewing.  His eagerness to share the Soldier Valley Spirits story, and our mission to give back.

Darrel currently leads tours and spends time working as a bartender and bar back. As someone who brews his own beer, Darrel has always been interested in the distilling process and is currently learning the distilling craft and plans to continue to grow his skills and knowledge in support of the Patriarch mission.

Cassandra Kostal

Creative Editor
Cassandra has worked at Patriarch Distillers for more than six years. She is double majoring in journalism and broadcasting at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is set to graduate in May of 2021.

At Patriarch, Cassandra bartends, updates the company website, helps manage the social media accounts, and takes on any miscellaneous tasks around the distillery.