Patriarch Whiskey – This 86-proof, frontier-style whiskey was created with the inspiration of a time gone by, when this country was headed west by rail on its way to California. The railroad was, and still is, a big part of our Nebraska history. These hard-working frontier people liked their whiskey with an “edge.” This rough and tumble whiskey is meant to be consumed in a chilled shot or mixed with your favorite cola. Or, you might consider yourself a modern-day frontiersman and drink it neat. Patriarch Whiskey is distilled from 100% grain, 18% rye and barreled for about 16 months.

This whiskey is dedicated to the men and women of our Armed Forces, both past and present, who have always answered the call to serve. They leave their civilian lives behind to stand up and fight for our freedom and for those who live in tyranny.


Patriarch Blackberry Whiskey – Created from our Patriarch Whiskey recipe, this spirit was made in 2017 as a one-time production for an ice fishing tournament in South Dakota. Jeff wanted to create something to commemorate the event. Research found that ice fishermen liked to consume blackberry brandy while on the ice. Since brandy is made from wine and we don’t produce wine, Jeff decided to create a blackberry whiskey instead. Having extra on hand after supplying South Dakota, it was introduced at the distillery. We were shocked by the interest it created. The first tone you pick up is the subtleness of blackberries followed by the warm finish feeling of the whiskey. It is proofed to 80 instead of the traditional 86 of the Patriarch Whiskey. Poured over ice with a splash of ginger ale is a popular way to enjoy it. Time will tell if we will offer this as an everyday spirit or continue to offer it only when the snow falls.


Private Stock Rye Whiskey – Our Private Stock is a high-rye whiskey made from 64% rye, 33% corn, and 3% barley. The rye offers a kick of flavor while the corn darkens the color. It is then aged to perfection in new American white oak charred barrels. The Private Stock is only ready when our founder says it is ready to achieve the best caramel, vanilla, and spice finish.


10 Year Signature Rye Whiskey – Patriarch Distillers launched their long-anticipated 10 Year William H. Nuckolls Signature Rye Whiskey in November 2015. This incredibly smooth, 95% rye whiskey was aged to perfection for 10 years in an American white oak barrel. Its pepper and other spice characteristics blend well with subtle hints of vanilla to create a sipping experience you will not soon forget. This upscale whiskey is named for our founder’s grandfather, William H. Nuckolls, who bravely served in the South Pacific during WWII. When he returned to his family, Nuckolls continued to serve his country by working for the U.S. Postal Service for several years. This whiskey is a tribute to him, and all the others like him, who have served our country both here and abroad.

Our Soldier Valley William H. Nuckolls Signature Rye Whiskey was a Double Gold Winner at the San Francisco International Spirit Competition.


12 Year Signature Rye Whiskey – Aged 12 years, this whiskey is the “old man” of the Soldier Valley Spirit family. This double-barrel aged, high rye recipe was created for that very special occasion. Toasting a career promotion, sipping with your groomsmen on your wedding day, or even saluting that special veteran for their service to our great nation. We encourage serving this 92-proof spirit neat or over a couple of ice cubes as you savor every sip.


Event Rental

Patriarch Distillers has space available for you to rent for personal or business events.  Rental fee for the facility is $150.  We will discuss with you the best time and date for  your party or event.  No outside alcohol is permitted.  However, you are welcome to bring in food for you and your guests.  Email us at contact@svspirits.com to schedule your event.

Stage Six Music

We want our customers to have a great time when they stop by our tasting room. Therefore, we do our best to schedule live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Check our calendar to see which acts we have coming up next and click the links to learn more about our musical guests.

Private Barrels

If you love our Soldier Valley whiskey, bourbon, or rum, you’ll love making your own. We’ll take you and five friends through the process of making your own product. We’ll then store your barrel in our facility until you decide it’s ready. Once it’s aged to perfection, we’ll provide the bottles and you’ll get to take your finished product home. To come in for a tasting of your barrel, please make an appointment.

For more information, look for a link on our “Spirits” page or contact Tony at 402-905-9316 or tchickinelli@patriarchdistillers.com 

Giving Back

We give back because it’s the right thing to do. Patriarch Distillers knows the importance of honoring those who have served to preserve America’s freedom. We have teamed up with local and national charities to show our appreciation to the men, women, and families who have sacrificed so much. We’re committed to giving back by donating a portion of our proceeds to these non-profit organizations.