Cask Membership

How would you like to learn to distill with our master distiller? With the Cask Membership Program, you and/or your friends can spend a Saturday distilling your favorite spirit. Our distiller will take you through all aspects of the distilling process. From grain bill to the mash and fermentation process, the day will be filled with hands-on distilling techniques. Lunch will be provided for up to four people and a one-on-one tasting of our award winning spirits will be just one of the many highlights of your day.


Once the distillation process is complete, you will assist our distiller in filling your very own eight gallon white oak barrel.  Later, you will go home with about 50 bottles (depending on the proof) and your empty barrel. The cost of this unique experience is listed by barrel size.


8 gallon – $1,500

10 gallon – $1,700

15 gallon – $2,200

23 gallon – $3,500

53 gallon – $9,300



To sign up or for more information call the distillery at 402-905-9316.

Event Rental

Patriarch Distillers has space available for you to rent for personal or business events.  Rental fee for the facility is $150.  We will discuss with you the best time and date for  your party or event.  No outside alcohol is permitted.  However, you are welcome to bring in food for you and your guests.  Email us at to schedule your event.

Stage Six Music

We want our customers to have a great time when they stop by our tasting room. Therefore, we do our best to schedule live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Check our calendar to see which acts we have coming up next and click the links to learn more about our musical guests.

Private Barrels

If you love our Soldier Valley whiskey, bourbon, or rum, you'll love making your own. We’ll take you and five friends through the process of making your own product. We’ll then store your barrel in our facility until you decide it’s ready. Once it’s aged to perfection, we’ll provide the bottles and you’ll get to take your finished product home. To come in for a tasting of your barrel, please make an appointment. Contact Tony at         402-905-9316 or 5 gallons - $1,200 (when available) | 8 gallons - $1,500 | 10 gallons - $1,700 | 15 gallons - $2,200 | 23 gallons - $3,500 | 53 gallons - $9,300

Giving Back

We give back because it’s the right thing to do. Patriarch Distillers knows the importance of honoring those who have served to preserve America’s freedom. We have teamed up with local and national charities to show our appreciation to the men, women, and families who have sacrificed so much. We're committed to giving back by donating a portion of our proceeds to these non-profit organizations.